Amsterdam-based singer and songwriter Morpheus brings the ‘chanson’  back to life - but in contemporary form.

After the unexpected passing of his mother, Morpheus decided to transform this impactful experience into power and wisdom.  The loss of his mother showed him the importance of celebrating life and creating a magical world to escape in - especially when times are darker. Inspired by Charles Aznavour’s chansons and Kate Bush’ imaginative songwriting. The project is not about flashy music production or the latest trends: it's about telling true stories with strong, heartfelt vocals. Morphosis was made at home in the living room, where the piano and the vocal were recorded in just one take - capturing the mechanical noise of the piano and every breath of air in his voice. For Morpheus, music is not about perfection. It’s about making people feel that they are together, in the same room, with the same thoughts and feelings that everybody has at some point in life. This year will be his year to share his music full of profound meaning; a rarity scarcely found in the climate of today’s industry.